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Recent studies have shown that actual penis size is smaller than men are claiming. According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the average male penis measures 5.6 inches when erect; the Journal Of Urology puts it at a slightly smaller 5.08 inches. This is considerably smaller than previous numbers from Alfred Kinsey, Durex and the Definitive Penis study, which averaged 6.25 inches in their estimates. The difference between the two estimates: surveys like Durex’s rely on self-reporting, and men are likely to overestimate. I hope not too much money was spent on this study for all it proves conclusively is that men lie about the size of their dicks. What a surprise!

I think the first time I ever became really aware of penis size and penis envy was actually the first time I had sex with a friend in college.  We were spending a weekend at the beach and sharing a motel room. I had no idea my college mate had any interest in me sexually because he had a steady girlfriend and by all indications, he was straight. One of his favorite topics of conversation that weekend was dick size and how big I thought my dick was and whether or not my dick was bigger than his. After hearing about this for the tenth time, I finally decided to whip mine out and just show him what it looked like flaccid. He then showed me his and asked me, if I thought it was small. Well, it looked smaller than mine, but I told him that his looked very nice. Later that night, he asked me before we were going to sleep, just how big my cock was when it was erect. I told him I had no idea, which was frankly the truth because I never really thought about it before. To my surprise, he proceeded to show me what his looked like hard. Wow, it WAS small!  Being somewhat competitive, I jumped out of bed, flicked on the motel room lights and showed him my 7 3/4" erection, which he marveled at, even calling it a "bazooka". That made me feel pretty good. We jerked each other off and had sex the entire weekend and continued our relationship over the next few months, until he told me that he was getting married to a girl he recently met. I told him that he was making a mistake because he was clearly gay, which he flatly denied. He claiming just to like sex, even with men. I googled his name and photo recently and found out that to this day, he is still married to the same woman and has two sons. He writes relationship advice books with his wife and lectures frequently.  I sometimes wonder if he ever got over his small dick complex.

 7 3/4" on any ruler
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