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Auld Lang Syne 2013: Tom Of Finland Men

I've been racking my brain all week, trying to decide upon a subject for my last post of 2013. When I saw this video of a Tom Of Finland runway show dating back to 1999, I knew what my auld lang syne for 2013 would be all about. The Tom Of Finland was a short-lived underwear/swimsuit line which was frankly ahead of its time. While I do very much like the lines on Tom's swimsuits and regret that this clothing line didn't survive, what I really do miss is the style of the models. I know it's somewhat controversial for me to say this but I vastly prefer the hairless and tatoo-less look of these hunky models who are all beautifully toned without looking like steroid freaks. The hairless/inkless guys featured in Playgirl magazines from the 1980s and early 1990s are far hotter (to me) than any of the current crop of gay-for-pay porn models featured in underwear ads and video porn. Since these smooth skinned hunks are fading away, it is to them that I drink a cup of Auld Lang  Syne on New Year's Eve at midnight. Here's hoping all my Natural City Man blog followers have a Happy New Year!   

Hot Buns For The Dec. 28, 2013 Weekend

Topher DiMaggio Fucked by Boyfriend Lance Luciano

I managed to download the video of Topher DiMaggio bottoming for the first time for his real life boyfriend Lance Luciano. As I said in a previous posting, I can't explain it but it's quite exciting to this big top finally getting fucked in that beautiful ass and Lance fucks him doggy-style, which is my favorite position, both to view from and to receive. (I know too much information but you can form your own visual images!) Lance gives Topher's ass a good work-out, although I wish he employed a little bit more hip action during the fuck. Topher appears to imply that it's painful but that's only to highlight that he doesn't often do this. I wonder.

I've included Topher's cum shot at the end of the video and it is explosive but I would have preferred it had he shot all over himself rather than on Lance's face. By the way, I had to replace the actual voice track with some stock music. If I can fix that at a later date with the actual voice track, I'll upload the sequence again.

Stéphane Degout Nude in Hamlet at La Monnaie

I no sooner posted my feature about nudity in the Covent Garden production of Salome and I found this YouTube video of French Baritone Stephane Degout, totally nude in the Théâtre de la Monnaie de Bruxelles production of Hamlet.  Unfortunately, the lighting is very dark and the director shoots with long shots, when close-ups would have been preferred. The video is uploaded at the end of the feature.


MERRY CHRISTMAS to all those Natural City Man blog followers who celebrate and may all my readers have a very Happy New Year filled with hot buns and big stiff dicks!

Topher DiMaggio Bottoms For The First Time

 The news is out: Gay Porn Star Topher DiMaggio bottoms for the first time on film for Why is it that gay men love it when one of their favorite porn film tops finally breaks down and appears in a film in which his ass is fucked royally? Is it mean or are we just curious about how a famous top with a big dick will take one?  I, for one, love the idea of Topher's beautiful, smooth ass being fucked mercilessly for all to see. I haven't viewed the film yet but I did manage to download the trailer (below) for Topher's new film in which Topher teases us with a lot of ass shaking in anticipation of what's going in there. 

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