Renovation Blues Turn To Bliss

For the last two weeks, I've been agonizing over the renovation to my kitchen that I contracted through Home Depot.  As I mentioned in my previous post, Home Depot's Design Center in the Southern Californian desert is not so much as center as a group of administrators who subcontract firms in the area to manage installations and renovations. To pull this off smoothly, the administrative team needs to be first rate in order to coordinate all the services that have to mesh seamlessly. 

In my case, the administrative team from Home Depot Administration was a total disaster in that they made no attempt to either communicate the needs and concerns of the various subcontractors' working on this project to each other or to me, the person ultimately contracting for all these services. The scheduling of these subcontractors was initially awful and as such the project is three weeks behind. When I complained to the Home Depot administrator ultimately in charge of the project about all the mishaps and their ultimate failure to deliver the project on schedule and on budget, I was told that I "should have read the fine print".  That was something I'd expect to hear from a used car salesman and not from someone at Home Depot. 

This was the straw that broke this camel's back.  I decided to call Home Depot's CEO at their corporate headquarters in Georgia. Low and behold, Home Depot has a telephone line set up within their CEO's executive headquarters just for this occasion. I relayed my dissatisfaction to a friendly customer service representative and was told that she would fix the problem within 24 hours. Imagine my delight, when she did just that. Suddenly my local Home Depot administrators began answering my telephone calls and rearranged the completion schedule so that all the pieces began to merge, even scheduling some of the work on the weekend. 

The craftsman that were assigned to cut and lay down my granite countertops and back splash were first rate professionals and the renovation is now back on schedule and best of all, new kitchen looks beautiful.  No, Home Depot didn't assign the naked workmen I've featured here. They are still functioning as part of my overactive imagination but  my biggest fantasy has been fulfilled : a working kitchen with lots of space so that my husband and I don't bump into each other when we're working there,  a huge gas oven to cook with and a separate work area and kitchen island in which to prep our culinary adventures. 


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