My Embarrassing Nude Photo Session

As I've mentioned before I've been quite busy lately trying to clean out my New York apartment in anticipation of an eventual, permanent move to my desert home in the Palm Springs area of southern California. In the process of examining files and boxes for discard, I keep finding mementos from my not-so-distant past and time has a way of smoothing out some of the less than successful moments from one's past. The next set of photos I'm going to present here date back to my late twenties, early thirties. They were shot by a very good friend of an ex-lover, who at the time had just transitioned from writing for daytime television to still photography. Richard was a fine photographer but up until this time, he had only worked professionally doing illustrated cookbooks and frankly, it was beginning to bore him. He wanted to branch out to other areas, specifically he wanted to explore shooting male nudes. Unfortunately, Richard was struggling to make ends meet at the time and had no means to pay for professional models. He apparently knew that my former lover had shot several nude photos of me. Frankly, I suspected at the time that he may even had been shown them by my ex, although they were not supposed to be exhibited. Hence Richard asked if I would pose nude for him. I was taken aback by the request. I had always found Richard very attractive but as an older man who was unavailable given his friendship with my ex. I decided I would do this for him, since he had always been so helpful to me and because I knew the session would be professional and tastefully photographed.

 I arrived at Richard's house for my photo session and Richard explained that we would use his living room since the natural light was best there. He provided a robe for me to change into and a large glass of wine to calm my nerves, which clearly were being to show. Richard suggested we begin with some shots of me reclining on his sofa. I quickly took my robe off and positioned myself on my stomach on his couch. I was glad we started here, Richard was clearly shooting a portrait length shot, nothing too revealing. He told me how good the shots looked. He clearly liked the results he was getting. I felt an awakening down below when he complimented me and I was quite glad I was able to conceal the excitement. He was finished with this position and suggested we move to the window. I put my robe back on while he adjusted his lighting, hoping that semi I was experiencing would retreat.

He was ready again and suggested that I drop my robe so we could continue. With my back to him, I removed my robe and heard Richard say, "Very nice" as he photograhed my posterior. I then heard him say, "Aren't you going to turn around." I was mildly embarrassed about what was starting to happen down below but I turned around to face Richard none the less. He shot some photos, and again I heard those words, "Very nice, indeed". It was then that I knew I simply could not control the liftage.

Richard put his camera down and advanced towards me. I told him I was sorry but much to my surprise, he reached out and placed his fingers gently on the head of my cock and began softly rubbing just the head. "What do we have here", he asked. His gentle stroking of the tip of my cock brought me to a full erection almost instantly and while he was simply stroking the head of my dick I came explosively. "Such youthful exuberance" he muttered. He took my hand and placed it on his crotch. Through all this, I had failed to notice that Richard had become every bit as aroused as I. I opened his pants and began sucking the most beautiful dick I had ever seen. He stopped me from finishing him off right there and escorted me to his bedroom, where that "youthful exuberance" came in handy once again. I found Richard's photos from this session recently and I'm publishing some of them here for the first time and even though I had indicated that I would not post an erection shot of myself on this blog, I am including one shot in which some of that  exuberance of youth is just slightly visible.
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