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I recently entered a photo of myself into a Self-Portrait photo contest on the Aussielicious blog that is owned by Brenton Parry,  a lovely Aussie guy who consistently provides incisive articles about topics of concern to the average gay man, as well as featuring photos of some of the hottest men from Down Under, many of which were shot by Brenton himself.  Yes, he's that talented! If you don't know his blog, make sure you venture over to . The photo that I entered into the contest ( shown here) depicts me sitting nude by a window and Brenton provided the following comments in connection with this entry:

"David is an enthusiastic contributor to challenges here at Aussielicious. I think he’s entered all of the photography challenges we’ve had and now he’s the first one to get a self portrait in for this one. Thanks David! David has taken this self portrait bathed in natural light softly filtered through the curtains. Being David (who runs the blog Natural City Man) he’s nude. I think that’s how he spends a lot of his time." 

I should point out that Brenton only knows me through these photo challenges and through e- mails and comments I've left on his blog, so I guess it's natural for him to presume that I'm a nudist in my everyday life. I haven't really thought about whether I am or am not, but I guess I'm a part- time nudist. I REALLY enjoy being naked at the beach and frankly I don't mind whatever attention I receive in the process.  I am an exhibitionist of sorts and  when  I'm spending time in my home in the Palm Springs area and it's 100 plus degrees, I wear as little clothing as possible and a bathing suit at my swimming pool is totally  superfluous. New York however gets very cold in the winter, so nudism is usually not a good option. Nor is it feasible when my air conditioning is turned up high in my Manhattan apartment, which is most of the summer. There's more  to my decision to dress most of the time when I'm at home however: I've lived with my  husband for over twenty years and to be totally frank, I want to preserve an element of surprise. When my clothes come off, I want him to be somewhat excited to see me. Maybe it's silly but I just feel that if I walk around the house all day with my dick out, he's not going to be at all interested in playing with it, when the time is right! Hence I do cover- up when he's around and I have to admit that I do spend some time picking out underwear and jockstraps from the likes of Aussiebum and Andrew Christian, specifically with the intent to turn him on when he actually sees me wearing them and nothing else. Maybe I'm just a bit of a romantic, too!
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