An Expectation of Privacy

It's no surprise to anyone who regularly reads my blog that I'm an enormous fan of Broadway Bares. I know of no better way to contribute to a worthy cause such as providing aide to those suffering from the effects of HIV/Aids by paying to watch the hottest dancers on Broadway take off all their clothing. As such I frequently upload videos and photos on the naturalcityman blog and on my YouTube account that I shot at various Broadway Bares events, all of them displaying an abundant amount of male nudity.  Recently I received an e-mail through my YouTube account from one of the performers in one of the recent videos I posted, asking me to delete the video from YouTube for fear that his family would not be comfortable with its contents. I, of course, immediately complied with this request, since it is not my intention to embarrass or make anyone feel uncomfortable about any video I may post from an event organized by my favorite charity. Nor do I unwittingly wish to discourage any performer from appearing in Broadway Bares out of fear that they may be outed by me via YouTube. (Please note that the pictures posted in this feature to illustrate this article do not contain an image of the performer in question.) 

It did lead me to wonder however just what level of privacy one may reasonable expect, if one chooses to participate in an event in which one dances practically nude for most of the evening, surrounded by amateur and professional photographers and videographers recording the event. Surely it had to occur to this same performer who was objected to the YouTube video that his naked butt was going to appear on the web and be readily available to anyone who knows how to Google his name! It's become a fact of these Facebook/Twitter times, some might even say a sad fact, that in this day and age virtually nothing is private anymore. I've certainly shared nude photos of myself on this blog and often wonder where they will turn up but to expect that they would not be copied or reprinted elsewhere is probably not a reasonable expectation. I only ask in fact that my photos not be used in a disrespectful context or to advertise a product. If they fuel anyone's wet dreams, that's a constructive purpose of which I can approve.

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