Brendan Fraser Retrospective

Brendon Fraser blazed on the screen in1992 in his first major film role opposite Matt Damon in School Ties. It was at that time that I developed a major crush on this hunky looking jock with big bold features and a kind smile. His nude scene in School Ties with Ben Affleck was one of the highlights of the film.


What I most admired about Brendan, aside from his smoking hot body was that in his early days in Hollywood he always tried to pick unusual scripts and film roles to expand his acting skills. Among my favorite is God And Monsters, which was the story of James Whalen, the notoriously gay Hollywood director of the 1930s who directed such diverse films as Frankenstein and Show Boat. Whalen is portrayed in the film by Ian McKellen and the tender exhibited by Brendan towards McKellen's character is remarkably touching. My one big regret however is that Brendan's full-frontal nude scene was left on the cutting room floor. Who on earth would make such a stupid decision? I kept hoping that this scene would be put back into a Director's Cut version but so far that hasn't happened.

                                                                 GODS AND MONSTERS

Passion Of The Darkly Moon was not one of Brendan's most successful films, in fact it wasn't successful on any level except that there is one notable scene in which Brendan emerges from bed completely nude from the rear and you can clearly see his balls peeking out from underneath his meaty ass. This scene alone almost makes the movie worth viewing.
                                                    PASSION OF THE DARKLY MOON

Brendan apparently worked his body into a frenzy for the role of George Of The Jungle. His body was never leaner and more beautifully defined than in this Disney venture. Unfortunately this was also a turning point in his career, which found him venturing into more commercial endeavors, most of which were questionable artistically, if not commercially. He allegedly hated having to exercise and weight train
 for his George role that he decided to forgo it entirely going forward. He made his Broadway debut recently in Elfin, looking sadly out of shape. The show closed after a few performances having received  devastatingly bad reviews. Luckily, they'll always be celluloid!

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