The Gym Locker Room

The gym locker room holds a particular allure for the gay man: it's the place most of us got to catch a first glimpse of another man totally nude. For the very first time in our lives, most of us understood that underneath all those clothes, we had something in common or in some cases not so common. The very first time I got a good look at my high school classmates in our communal locker and shower room I learned for the first time that some of us were actually not circumcised, circumcision was pretty much the norm in the late 60s/early 70s and I had NEVER seen a uncut dick. Also, we learned that some of us had round butts, some flat asses and some plump bubble butts. Even today when I visit my local gym, the locker room is an exciting place to be.

You just never know, who will be undressing next to you or showering in close proximity to you. Yesterday, at my locker I was literally sandwiched between two gorgeous, large corn-feed jocks who promptly began stripping right before my eyes. Within moments their jock straps had been removed and I had two beautiful muscular asses starring me in the face along with two equally gorgeous, thick dicks swinging in mid-air.  I pretended not to be noticing but how could I not? 

Being somewhat of an exhibitionist myself, I also find it tremendously ego-boosting when I catch someone secretly spying on me in the gym mirrors as I undress. I usually try not to be obvious about it but it certainly doesn't make me feel bad when a hot guy is actually checking out my ass or my dick! 

There is a relatively recent trend I've noticed in my gym that I find distressing and that's an alarming modesty exhibited by many who undress under towels and take pains not to display any glimpse of nudity at all. The locker room is one opportunity men have to be totally free and unencumbered by clothing and these dudes are missing it.

Here's my tip for the day: if you're going to peer at hotties in the locker room, be cool and do it casually and try not to get caught starring. If you find yourself the object of someone's fleeting, spying glance be cool, flash some quick dick and bend over and pick up a sock and enjoy the moment!


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