OBAMA Re-elected!

I can hardly contain my joy this morning, now that Obama has been re-elected President. America has come to its senses and has not fallen for the falsehoods, distortion and outright lies of those two dirt bags, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  In addition, the Republican Party suffered a crushing defeat in the Senate with the Democratic Party acquiring several seats. It looks likely that with the Independent Senators, who will caucus with the Democrats, the Democratic Party will hold 56 seats, once all the votes are counted. The other great news of the day is that marriage equality succeeded for the first time at the ballot box in Maine and Maryland and probably Washington State, in which votes were still being counted. In addition, the people of Minnesota  voted against a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage and the people of Iowa voted to retain one of the State Supreme Court justices who ruled in favor of marriage equality in that state.  Also, it's worth noting that in the House, Tea Party crazies Allen West (R-FL) and Joe Walsh (R-IL) were both defeated and the strong Progressive candidate Allan Gray (R-FL) was elected to a newly drawn district. All and all, this was a great night for democracy and the Democratic Party. I would hope that the Republican Party would re-group after this stunning defeat and begin to understand that it can not go forward solely as a political party of angry, old white men but judging from the voices on FOX News last night that hasn't happened yet and may never happen. Clearly, Mitt Romney lost the election last night, not only because of Hurricane Sandy, as some will allege but because young people, women and non-whites who now make-up a majority of the electorate and this new majority has embraced the Democratic Party. Simply put, the Republican Party that has moved too far to the Right. If Ronald Reagan were alive today, he would even have a hard time securing the GOP's nomination. The Republican Party simply holds no appeal for young people, women and non-whites. In particular, the Latino vote carried Obama to re-election having turned away from a Republican party that demonizes Latino immigrants. Hopefully, the leaders of the Republican Party will come to their senses and begin working with the Democratic party on a compromise to move this country forward but for now, let's just rejoice in the victory!
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