Log Cabin Republicans' Betrayal

Citing the condition of the economy, the Log Cabin Republicans have turned their back on the gay community of which they are apart and have endorsed Mitt Romney, a homophobic candidate who would strip them of all the rights President Obama has worked hard during his first term to establish for gay men and women through the legislative process and through executive order  including but not limited to the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the granting of hospital visitation rights to all gay couples, his endorsement of gay marriage and his refusal to defend DOMA. Mitt Romney on the other hand has pledged to ban federal recognition of both gay marriage and civil unions and has indicated he will reverse Obama's executive orders even allowing hospitals to deny visitation rights to gay spouses and partners. The Log Cabin Republicans claim they are backing Romney, in spite of his "severely conservative" positions on gay rights because of the state of the economy. I should like them to consider the state of their economy should Romney win. He will work to ensure that gay couples can never file their taxes together. Gays will not be able to inherit their partner's estates without paying an inheritance tax and a non-working gay partner will not be able to claim Social Security benefits on his working partner's income or even employer Healthcare benefits, if Romney has his way. These are extreme economic issues for gay men and women and by endorsing this gay-hater, the Log Cabin Republicans have abandoned the gay community.  Romney has been homophobic dating back to his days in college in which he mercilessly bullied an effeminate classmate and publicly humiliated him by holding him down and cutting his hair.

Here's Congressman Barney Frank's discussion of the Log Cabin endorsement.

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