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I'm ready for my second Question And Answer session. These Q&As are kind of like a strip-tease in which I get to reveal more and more of myself. Hence I've included these recent photos that a photographer friend shot of me in my Palm Beach hotel room before we headed off to Haulover Beach for my birthday photos.


Q. How come you don't feature more nude photos of yourself from the front?

A. I have posted full-frontal photos of myself on this blog. I'm certainly not ashamed of showing my dick but I guess I've been led to believe that I'm more impressive from behind. What do you think?                                                           

Q. Are you a show-er or a grow-er?

A. I'm a grower and before you ask ......7 3/4 inches.                                       

Q. How did you get interested in fitness and body-building?

A. I was definitely not a nature athlete as a child. I was very skinny as a kid. My mother under the advice of a General Practitioner who was probably not fit to work on horses, recommended that I receive daily tonics to fatten me up. By age thirteen, I was about twenty pounds overweight and I've struggled a good deal of my life to maintain a weight appropriate for my height and frame. The truth is growing up I always wanted to have muscles. There are childhood photos of me, faking a muscle man pose with non-existent biceps flexed. (Kind of like Paul Ryan's recent physique photos!)  Unfortunately I really never knew that you had to work to achieve a muscular body. Gym class was taught so badly back then that I never understood at that point in my life that there was a cause and effect as far as exercise and body sculpting were concerned. In my twenties, my mentor and first lover suggested that I work with Nino Sansone, the son of gym owner and fitness model, Tony Sansone, to lose my baby fat and sculpt my muscles. Nino's training had a tremendous effect on me. I began to see quick results with his weight training regime. I am to this day an easy gainer. Suddenly, I had pectoral muscles and my butt began to fill out. I was both amazed and overjoyed. I began eating sensibly, too: I never dieted because I just didn't have the will power for that sort of basic denial but pushing away from the table after a well-proportioned, well-balanced meal worked for me.  It took me about a year but at age 28, I finally had a body that made me happy and to this day, I've strived to maintain it. Granted, I don't look as I did at 28, but occasionally I do discover a younger guy checking out my butt in the mirror at my local gym and that doesn't make me feel bad at all!

Q. Do you do PX90 as part of your fitness routine?

A. No, I prefer cardio that is kinder to my knees. These days, I'm Spinning or doing Step Aerobics but even the Step Aerobics is sometimes a bit hard on the joints. I have no interest in PX90, especially if it leaves you looking like Paul Ryan. As far as I can tell, his physical prowess is all hype, like everything else about him, judging from those ridiculous photos of him looking like a frat boy at the gym. He's got pigeon legs, no chest to speak of and a flat ass? Why do the PX90 fitness program is you wind up looking like that.

Q. You must send a lot of time working on this blog? Is it a satisfying endeavor.

A. It is most of the time. Very cathartic. My only beef is that while I have about a thousand page views each day, so rarely does anyone ever comment on a post. Feedback is always appreciated. 

Q. When did your interest in Broadway theater begin? 

A. I had an aunt who would regularly take me to the theater, ballet and opera when I was just a kid. She felt it was important to expose me to the performing arts. I remember my father flipped out when I suddenly announced at the age of ten that I was going to be an actor, having just seen "My Fair Lady" on Broadway. Needless to say a theatrical career was discouraged. My father allowed to enroll in the NYU undergraduate film and television program, provided I agreed to pursue a dual major in Accounting.  I did have a career in television that spanned about twenty-five years but I gravitated early on away from the creative side and more towards the financial end.

Q. Do you have a favorite sex toy that you like to use. 

A. Yes, I personally like the Nexus Vibro. It's a prostate stimulator that you insert in your bum hole. It is battery powered and it sends out five different pulses at various rhythms which can be controlled by pressing a button at the base of the anal probe. It really works your P-Spot and provides the most incredible ejaculation. It's priced at about $135 but it is well made, will last a lifetime and well worth it.

Q. You said you were a top but occasionally enjoy being penetrated. How did you prepare for this so that it was comfortable? I, too, am a top and I find it painful when my boyfriend wants me to bottom.

A. When my husband told me he wanted to have me bottom for him, I didn't think I'd like the idea at all, mainly because I was fairly tight from having not ventured into this area too often. I practiced by myself with a dildo, which frankly goes in a lot easier than the real thing. We then decided to explore a harness with strap-on for the first few times, until I got comfortable with it. Even today, we sometimes revert back to using the strap-up which slips in relatively easily and allows my husband to plow me longer. For the finale, we then switch to the real thing. Try it. It's very hot!
Q. Won't you turn around so we can see more of you from the front?

A. I'll be turning around plenty in those Birthday Day photos I'm going to post on my actually birthday in January. I also found the very first set of nude photos that I ever posed for when I was 23, which I will post when the blog hits 200,000 page views. All of these were taken from the front!

That's all for now, please keep the e-mail questions coming and I'll answer whatever questions you have.

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