To Circumsize Or Not



There is no topic more polarizing in the gay male community than the topic of circumcision.  In San Francisco, the city many consider to be the capitol of Gay America, a proposal to ban the circumcision  of male children may be appearing on the November 2012 ballot, although a judge is attempting to strike it down on a jurisdictional technicality. On another website that I often participate in, there was recently a vigorous and sometimes heated discussion of whether or not it was moral to "mutilate" a man's genitals for religious and/or hygienic purposes and this discussion covered every nuisance in connection with circumcision including the lack of tangible, scientific evidence that the procedure provides any medical benefit to the receipent except those living in third world nations. There was even a discussion as to whether or not mothers allowed their infant boys  to be circumcised due to a Freudian aversion to the male penis. Thoughtful and articulate men on this website, who were otherwise self-proclaimed libertarians, advocated a total banning of the practice. Countless cut men responding to this topic even expressed a total loathing for the mothers who inflicted this mutilation upon them. Why the fathers were spared this loathing was never quite explained, mind you. Man after man lamented that their sexual pleasure had been reduced by at least 50%, although how they would know this is beyond me. From everything I've read, there is no reduction in sexual pleasure in a cut man: it's just distributed differently.  

As you can tell from the photographs of me that have been posted here, I've been circumcised since birth and frankly that's just fine by me. Up until the days when I became sexually active, I had never even seen an uncut penis. My dad was cut and all the boys in gym class had been trimmed. The very first time, I encountered an uncircumcised penis close-up in my face, I was actually taken aback and found it odd to look at and even more difficult to work with. To this day, I find a cut penis far more aesthetically appealing than an uncut one, although I've at least come to appreciate the merits of both. In trying to illustrate this feature, I've tried to select photos of men that best exemplify the beauty of both worlds. The reason I'm discussing all this here is that I was reminded of the familiar arguments, both pro and con, in connection with this ancient ritual, when I received a long overdue birth announcement from a cousin of mine who is a doctor and who practices Reform Judaism. His boy was born over six months ago. There was apparently no bris. Some in my family suggested that perhaps it was done in the hospital. I, on the other hand, believe that it simply wasn't done. I don't think my cousin being a doctor could honestly bring himself to having a procedure performed on his son that he feels is really not medically necessary, no matter the religious tradition. I have never raised any children and have no intention of doing so in the future but were I to have a son, would I have him trimmed or not? I honestly have to say that I just don't know.    

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