Shirtless US Presidents

                    Bill Clinton's past fondness for Dunkin' Doughnuts was all too obvious here.

JFK embodied the concept of the young, viral and studly president, more than any other that I can recall.  

Ford fit the mold of "safe and reliable" something we needed at a time when our nation was ripped apart by scandals in the Oval Office and as such, his pecs and abs did not exactly scream, " Hot".

Lots of Daddy Hair on that chest
Can't tell you about Tricky Dick's Abs --- they were hidden by his bathing suit!

Reagan's Abs were tight in his Hollywood Days...
... but too many dinners at the Jockey Club with Nancy changed that!

While I hate to give any publicity to the despicable duo of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, I somehow feel obliged to provide their shirtless photos, so here they are:
Mitt's Abs and Pecs seem to blend. He's got a lot to work on.
 I'll be the first to admit that his body is a big improvement over Mitt's, I just don't understand the hype his body has received. His arms are not developed and his legs are what we call "pigeon legs" in my gym. The pecs and abs are not bad but let me just say that Channing Tatum has nothing to worry about!

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