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I'm sure you've all had that hard to please boyfriend, lover or husband, whom you've wanted to give a special gift, one that would knock his socks off.  The question is just what sort of gift. His closet is already filled with unworn ties and shirts that you've given him and he certainly has even gadgets. Did he really need that electric ice cream maker? Well, I've got the perfect gift for him. Give him some bedroom photos of yourself! What could be more personal and more of a turn-on that some tastefully done photos of yourself in the all together?  It's a wonderful expression of just how open you want to be with the love in your life and good bedroom photos will allow him to view your in a different light. A cottage industry specializing in nude male photography has sprouted up in recent years but you just might not be ready to take off all your clothing for a stranger so that you may be objectified before a camera. In that case, I'd recommend you try your hand at some self-portraits. The portraits on this page are all self-portraits.

 In setting up the shots for your bedroom session, it's important to consider just what you wish to project in these photos. Are you trying to convey romance or perhaps, if you're very daring, you wish to convey raw sexuality. In my session, I decided to go for romance, so I opted for soft lighting and a warm pastel color hues for the background. A strong key light on the face with some soft filler light on the side provided the romantic shadings I wanted for this set. I intended the photos to say "Come get into bed with me" and hopefully, they achieved that goal. If you plan to go for raw sexuality, starker lighting with shadows will probably work best but try to remember that less is more!

 If any of you at home wish to try your hand at some boudoir photos and would like to have them displayed on this website, send me an e-mail with a few sample photos and I'll be glad to post them, so long as they are tasteful nudes. Good luck!

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