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Michael Phelps Naked For ESPN Body Issue

The prayers of gay men all over the world were answered this week, when naked photos of Olympian swimmer Michael Phelps were released by ESPN as part of it 2014 Body Issue.  Let me go on the record and state that I don't find Michael to be a particularly good-looking guy with his big teeth and funny ears but something about him works and that's the ease of his personality and that irresistible smile. His body with its long developed muscles is absolutely incredible: his ass and bulging outer thigh muscles are worthy of a Michelangelo sculpture. I do wish ESPN had shot a few photos of his amazing ass head-on, instead of from the side, but I'm sure editorial decisions were heavily negotiated. I've uploaded the video interview with Michael Phelps at the end of the feature.


Vote For My Stripper Photo At Aussielicious

I'm asking all my Natural City Man blog followers to help me out and vote for my Portrait Of A Stripper, which I entered in the current Photo Challenge at the website of fellow nudist Brenton Parry at  This is a photo I snapped of stripper at Splash Bar in NYC before it closed. Before anyone comments that traditionally a portrait should be of one's face, I'd like to suggest that I was using the term "portrait" loosely: the photo is attempting to illustrate that the stripper's body is the focal point of his persona at this moment in time, his face being virtually non-existent. In any case, I thought it was a good photo but it's not doing too well in this competition. 

If you like it, please vote for David #8 at this link:

Thanks in advance.

Fabio Fognini Naked For Cosmo UK

I just got back from NYC last night, and I'm a bit tired today and lacking in inspiration.  Moments such as this require one to lead with strength, so I'm just going to post Fabio Fognini's naked ass! While I was await Cosmo UK released its nude photo spread of tennis star Fabio Fognini, who is one of my all time favorites. Those sexy dark eyes and devilish smile suggest just the right mixture of bad boy and sweetness that I find irresistible. And did I mention his ass!!!! Who couldn;t get lost in there for hours. He's simply gorgeous. My one hope is that he doesn't seek to acquire any further tattoos.

Here are a few more playful poses: 

No wonder these chipmunks are happy!

Move the towel!

"These Arguments Are Not For Serious People"

In Kentucky, a federal judge John G. Heyburn II ruled that same-sex couples have a right to marry on Tuesday. Simply put, he shredded the ridiculous anti-gay argument that the Far Right keep putting forward to defend their anti-gay position on marriage. Here are a few killer quotes from his decision with which to celebrate the Independence Day Weekend:
"In America, even sincere and long-held religious beliefs do not trump the constitutional rights of those who happen to have been out-voted."

Rejecting the only justification that lawyers for Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear had offered — that traditional marriages contribute to a stable birth rate and the state's long-term economic stability, Judge Heyburn proclaimed in the ultimate put-down, "These arguments are not those of serious people."  

 I'm going  back East for a few days over the holiday weekend but will be back blogging soon thereafter.  Here's hoping all my Natural City Man blog followers celebrate the holiday with a bang!

Princess Alexias Full Monty Strip

Here's another Full Monty Strip I found which features the men of Princess Alexias, which I presume is a cruise ship. I'm always fond of regular looking guys attempting to strip to music, who have the courage to show their dicks! The video is at the end of the feature.  It's been color-corrected so that you can actually see some ass and cock.


Dieux du Stade Naked Calendar 2015 Preview


 Dieux Du Stade just released its first video preview of its 2015 calendar. The naked guys to be featured in the 2015 edition all look quite promising without their clothes on, but the question is will the calendar have the courage of its own convictions. By that I mean, we will see some dick this year? Last year's calendar and video were by far the most boring ever released by Dieux du Stade, primarily because the crouches were blurred and/or digitally removed, and the buns only glimpsed. The Dieux du Stade athletes have the best asses anywhere. At least, if we're not going to see their cocks, we'd like to see an uncensored buns parade. The video preview is at the end of the feature. I'm hopeful.



Julio Bocca Stripped : Romance del Diablo

 One of my favorite American Ballet Theater dancers, Julio Bocca, who was once considered the bad boy of ballet, retired from the ABT in 2006. At that time, he was still dancing in his prime and released a video of tango dancing.  I recently obtained a copy of the video and much to my surprise he dances nearly naked in one of the tangos entitled Romance del Diablo. I always thought that Julio has a spectacular body and an incredibly beautiful ass in those white tights. It's wonderful seeing him  stripped down in this piece and in such great physical shape at the age of 40. I wish he'd had the courage to perform this dance in only a dance belt, which would have been more appropriate given his partner's topless nudity! the video is at the end of the feature.


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